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Are you in Canberra, Queanbeyan or surrounding areas looking for high-quality yet affordable floor tiling services? We can help you.

Over time floors get damaged from wear and tear. At times the damage is too much and beyond repair, the only choice left is to replace the floor. If you’re looking for the most efficient solution, floor tiling is perfect for you.

Floor tiles like granite, ceramic, and porcelain are the three toughest tiles suitable for heavy foot traffic at your home or business. Choosing suitable materials and the right contractor are two important factors for a successful floor tiling project.

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At Apex Bathrooms ACT, we deliver the highest quality workmanship, a smooth installation from start to finish – backed by a 10-year warranty on structure. From choosing the right material, design to installation we have MBA qualified, certified, licensed and insured experts throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan ready to make your dream floor design a reality!

Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, we have the skills and experience to provide a professional tiling solution that meets your needs.

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Tiling Project Checklist

  • Size of tiles you want to use
  • The style of tiles you like best
  • Decide if you prefer glossy or matte texture
  • Choose the grout that matches your tile colours
  • Determine the most durable tiles to choose
  • Choose tile colours that match your interiors
  • The tilers you’ll choose to handle your tiling project
  • Don’t forget to ask for help & professional advice
  • Consider asking for a quote from local tilers
  • Ask for recommendations & check online reviews

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Floor Tiling FAQs

Before installing the tile, it’s important to make sure the surface is clean and level. Any existing flooring needs to be removed, and any bumps or holes need to be filled in. It’s also essential to use a moisture barrier, such as a sealant, on concrete floors before tiling. Preparation takes time and requires an ample amount of energy and even expertise. It’s why at Apex, we recommend entrusting your tiling project to experts.
The cost of tiling a standard-sized home in Canberra can vary depending on the size, complexity and type of tile used.

Ceramic tiles installation costs range from $50 per square metre to $100 per square metre plus the added cost of labour, adhesive and other materials. Note that costs vary significantly on the type of tiles used and the job size.

For example, some materials may be more expensive than others, or a more complex layout with custom cuts will require additional labour time and cost.

Getting quotes is recommended to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. When allocating a budget to your tiling project it is essential to factor in additional costs such as delivery fees, removal of old tiles (if required), and the cost of grout and sealant.

Overall, you can expect to pay around $10,000 – $20,000 for a standard-sized home in Canberra. This price should cover all labour, material and other costs associated with the job.

Ceramic tiles are more affordable than porcelain or natural stone, so keeping an eye on your budget is key. Labour and installation fees can add to the overall cost so it’s best to get an estimate from a professional to get an accurate cost.
Before your floor tiler arrives, it is important to make sure that the area you are having tiled is ready and accessible for them to work in. This includes removing any furniture or items from the room, and making sure that the surfaces you will be tiling are clean and free of debris.

You should also make sure that the power supply to the area you will be tiling is turned off, and if required, any old floor coverings or tiles have been removed prior to the day of your appointment. If there are any repairs that need to be made before tiling can begin, these should also be completed beforehand.
Finally, you may want to check with your tiler that all the materials necessary for the job are on-site and ready for them to use. This will help ensure that there are no delays in the process.

Choosing the right tiles for your floor can be a difficult decision, as there are many factors to consider.

The type of material you choose will depend largely on the area that is being tiled, as well as your personal preference. For example, porcelain tiles are generally more durable than ceramic tiles and therefore more suitable for areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Additionally, the colour and pattern of your tiles should also be taken into account when making your selection. You may want to consider a neutral colour palette so as not to clash with other elements in the room, or you might opt for a bolder design that adds character and interest.

Regardless of choice, it is important to choose high-quality tiles to withstand wear and tear. At Apex Tiling, we can provide further advice on this matter.

There are two factors that can influence the speed of job completion including the size of the area to be tiled, the design or complexity of the project.

For smaller projects such as a kitchen or bathroom, two days are enough while five days for larger projects such as an entire house or commercial building.

There may be times when additional materials are needed and this can result in delays. At Apex, we provide you with a timeline for the project ensuring the area is assessed appropriately so the project runs smoothly.

  • Yes, firstly, consider the type of adhesive or grout that will be used as this can impact the longevity and durability of your tiles.
  • Make sure that the surface you are tiling is level and even before work begins, as this can affect the quality of the finished product.
  • When installing tiles on a wet area such as a kitchen or bathroom, make sure to discuss waterproofing options with your floor tiler. This will help protect the integrity and longevity of your tiles.
Once your floor has been tiled, regular maintenance is required in order to keep it looking its best. This includes sweeping and mopping the tiles regularly so as to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated over time.

Additionally, most types of tile will benefit from occasional polishing or sealing, to protect them from staining and damage. Some tiles may require special maintenance such as waxing or buffing, and it is best to consult your floor tiler for advice on this matter.

Yes, there are likely to be additional costs associated with floor tiling services. These can include the cost of materials such as adhesives and grout, as well as any tools or machinery that may be required for the job. Labour fee for a more complex project. At Apex, we can provide you with the accurate cost before the project begins.
Most reputable floor tilers will offer some form of guarantee or warranty on their labour and materials, which should provide peace of mind that your tiles are installed correctly and of a high quality. At Apex Tiling we offer a 10 year installation warranty, giving you peace of mind.